Cambridge IGCSE is widely recognized and accepted by top-tier colleges, universities, and employers worldwide, providing your child with an international passport to success.

YOUR ZONE ACADEMY, Provides courses for all subjects in two levels:Core and Extended, therefore providing the choice of selecting the test appropriate to their skills level.Students must study seven IGCSE subjects, at least one subject from each of five groups(two from Group 1 Languages).At our academy the subjects are:

GROUP 1 : Languages : English, Arabic or French as first languages or second languages, or other languages

GROUP 2 : Humanities and Social Sciences : Geography,History,Economics and Business

GROUP 3 : Natural Sciences : (Biology,Chemistry , and Physics)

GROUP 4 : International Mathematics / Mathematics

GROUP 5 : Creative and Professional : Computer Science, Informational Computer Technology

We can help our students choosing their subjects based on their skills and their designated studying field with the instructions of educational consultants through workshops for a Career Orientation Program

Small classes of a maximum of 5 students for each subject are divided by grade to ensure that students are studying with others of their ability and can easily follow the lesson

We offer a multitude of subjects at all levels,Therefore we create a personalized schedule for every single student that registers according to their academic levels and needs 

Past papers, Mock exams and exam technique with their students to ensure that they know how to tackle the exam and achieve their academic potential 

Advanced level preparation courses (As &A-Level)

The A-Level program is perfect for students who already know exactly what they want to study and want to take that passion to the highest academic level.

Picking any combination of three or four subjects is the start and the students receive all the guidance and support they need 

Our Al-Level courses are an entirely tailored journey for each student – from the first advisor meeting to the final university destination 


Our counselors will help you choose the right combination of A-Level subjects to ensure the best chance of acceptance to top universities in your field of study 

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • English
  • Pure Mathematics
  • Further Mathematics
  • Business
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Information Thenology

All of our courses