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YZA is a Language & Professional Training company aimed for Adults & Professionals.

We offer a range of General language courses that are designed to give you the language skills to live, work, study and travel to an international environment. During your language course, you will develop clear learning objectives based on your level and needs. Our teachers will continuously monitor your progress throughout your course. Furthermore, they will give regular feedback and advice. All in all, our goal is tohelp you develop the language skills you desire.
Along with the language courses we also provide professional trainings for employees and companies on the development of human resources that promotes job quality, efficiency, and effectiveness and at the same time motivates employees to make a formal commitment to growing with the institution and being more productive.
If your aim is enhancing employment chances and developing different useful skills, YZA is the right choice, that offers you various vocational courses and trainings.

Our English Courses


We offer General English at a range of levels. Whether you  are a Beginner who can communicate only very basic  information or an Upper-Intermediate student who can  understand and use more complex language.

Gain confidence in everyday use of English 

Increase your knowledge and use of practical grammar structures  

Enhance your listening, speaking and conversational skills 

  • Emails 
  • Presentations 
  • Meetings 
  • Negotiating


The course will improve communication in a business context, and  extend active vocabulary and expressions, sector terminology, as  well as covering more general English topics and skills that are  useful in a professional context

  • Speaking with Clients and Colleagues 
  • Case Studies 
  • Function and Form 
  • Effective Telephoning, Meetings and Conference Calls
  • Correspondence and Reports


Our Business English programs are designed to produce  verifiable results and real improvements in English fluency and  comprehension, with a strong focus on personalization, client  satisfaction and consultation. 

English for Business (Pack)

  • Socializing 
  • Telephoning
  • Strengthen your vocabulary and improve your  pronunciation 
  • Learn practical English in real-life settings   
Our French Courses


The most requested courses for all levels, the courses are varied and flexible to meet your needs and your objectives. They combine general French courses and workshops themes that will allow you to progress more quickly, to improve your language skills and enrich your knowledge of French culture.

  • Writing Techniques

  • Professional Writings

  • Oral Communication Techniques​

  • The Use Of The Telephone In A Professional Situation​

  • Business French (Pack)​

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